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A truly immersive chocolate experience with Panasonic’s technology partner Chocolate Nation

Chocolate Nation, an immersive Belgium experience for visitors to discover the wonders of Belgium chocolate with all their five senses, has managed to attract over 100,000 visitors within the first nine months after the initial opening. Through 14 thematic areas, visitors are taken on a journey from the jungle where cocoa beans are grown, through their transportation across the ocean to Antwerp, to the making of exquisite chocolate delights and, of course, lots of tasting. To guarantee this surrounding for a unique visitor experience as well as a reliable and cost effective business infrastructure for effective operation, Chocolate Nation chose Panasonic as their technology partner. The range of solutions includes 20 professional display screens, 13 laser projectors, security cameras and the latest telephony solutions to deliver the sweet taste of success. To find out more about Panasonic’s professional B2B solutions, visit http://business.panasonic.eu/

  • Panasonic & TeamLab: Imersive experience driven by technology at ARoS museum

    Projectors are one of the…

    Projectors are one of the most important tools when we create exhibitions,” says Noriko Taniguchi from teamLab. “It’s like paint for the painters to make our artwork and concept visible.” Go behind the scenes at ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark to discover how teamLab, an art collective from Tokyo that creates artworks using digital technology, used nine Panasonic PT-MZ670 projectors for its latest exhibition.
  • Colmar City Illuminations with the Panasonic Laser Projectors

    During spring 2018, the c…

    During spring 2018, the city of Colmar launched a new plan of light animation and worked with Vialis and Concept Light to modernize its lighting installations.
  • Panasonic Advanced Displays feature Intel® Smart Display Module slot

    More and more partners ar…

    More and more partners are taking advantage of the features and benefits of Intel® SDM in their digital signage solutions. Panasonic is one of the pioneer in adopting this next generation slot standard bringing the best benefits for digital signage and collaboration markets.
  • “Sviatovid” sculpture created with 4K 30,000 lumens Panasonic Projectors

    At this years at ISE, Pan…

    At this years at ISE, Panasonic teamed up with master projection designer Bart Kresa to create a projection mapping showpiece to over 100,000 people. ‘Sviatovid’ is a faceted, five metre tall projection sculpture. Marking the launch of the new BARTKRESA Academy, the sculpture creates a new benchmark in audio visual art and is illuminated through 360° in True 4K, using four Panasonic 30,000lm laser projectors.
  • Jaguar Land Rover utilises Panasonic AV at software development hub

    When Jaguar Land Rover ou…

    When Jaguar Land Rover outlined plans to open a software, IT and engineering centre at The Neo Building in Central Manchester, as part of plans to enhance connected technologies into future vehicles, it knew that key to the project's success would be attracting the right people and creating an environment that made them feel integral to a business that is spread across the globe. The new hub utilises Panasonic AV technology to create a collaborative working environment. In total, integrator Visavvi installed 19 Panasonic professional displays, alongside control technology, BYOD, audio and unified communications technology. For more information on Panasonic AV, please visit: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system For more information on Visavvi, please visit: https://www.visavvi.com/ For more information on Jaguar Land Rover, please visit: https://www.jaguarlandrover.com/
  • The CCD welcomes Panasonic AV in to events offering

    The Convention Centre Dub…

    The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) offers a packaged solution for clients meeting their technical requirements. At the heart of the AV offering is Panasonic projection and display. Opened in September 2010, the building's 22 event spaces are split over six floors, and include a 2,000 seat auditorium with full theatrical stage and fly tower, 4,500 square metres of exhibition space and capacity for 3,000 delegates in the ground floor Forum space. Five medium sized conference rooms are each equipped with 5,000 lumens laser projectors (PT-RZ570). Two of the larger 'Liffey' rooms are each equipped with 10,000 lumens laser projectors (PTRZ970). The installation was integrated by System Video. For more information on Panasonic Visual Systems , please visit: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system
  • Panasonic Live @ ISE 2019 – The technology powering the Panasonic showstopper at ISE

    Mixing 11 high brightness…

    Mixing 11 high brightness laser projectors, fish eye lenses, server power by AV Stumpfl and concept by Painting With Light the showstopper on the Panasonic booth at ISE 2019 is a must see. For more information on Panasonic's presence at ISE, please visit: https://business.panasonic.eu/ISE2019/
  • Panasonic Live @ ISE 2019 – Highlights from Panasonic at ISE 2019

    Take a look at an amazing…

    Take a look at an amazing week in Amsterdam for ISE, the largest AV and systems integration show in the world. From 50,000 lumen projectors, to the latest in technology for education, corporate and retail, we have really put on a show.
  • Panasonic Live @ ISE 2019 – Introducing the PT-VMZ60 series of portable LCD laser projectors

    Thomas Vertommen shows us…

    Thomas Vertommen shows us round the PT-VMZ60 series, a portable LCD laser projector range with the smallest and lightest dimensions in its lumens’ class. Weighing in at just 7.2kg, the VMZ60 and VMZ50 portable series feature five new models in WUXGA (PT-VMZ60, PT-VMZ50, PT-VMZ40) and WXGA (PT-VMW60, PT-VMW50). The light weight, compact design makes the projectors well suited for transportation between collaborative environments in corporate and education spaces. For more information on Panasonic's presence at ISE, please visit: https://business.panasonic.eu/ISE2019/
  • Panasonic Live @ ISE 2019 – Introducing the high tech high street at ISE 2019

    Mirko Virkus takes a stro…

    Mirko Virkus takes a stroll down our high-tech high street which combines the latest interactive technologies, such as stylish 4K capacitive touch displays, interactive glass displays or our transparent shop window projection, capable of creating captivating shopper and visitor experiences. For more information on Panasonic's presence at ISE, please visit: https://business.panasonic.eu/ISE2019/
  • Panasonic Live @ ISE 2019 – Introducing the PT-RQ50 50,000 lumens laser projector

    Hartmut Kulessa introduce…

    Hartmut Kulessa introduces the PT-RQ50K, the world’s first single body 50,000 lumens 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE laser projector with True 4K resolution, providing new potential for creating transcendent experiences across live events and themed entertainment. The PT-RQ50K maintains Panasonic’s trend of creating projectors which combine high brightness with relatively compact dimensions simplifying installation, especially important when working under time constraints at large events. Additionally, a single RQ50K offers the same potential as multiple lower brightness projectors, saving on installation and setup. For more information on Panasonic's presence at ISE, please visit: https://business.panasonic.eu/ISE2019/
  • Panasonic Live @ ISE 2019 - the Panasonic showstopper at ISE (full show)

    The Panasonic showstopper…

    The Panasonic showstopper at ISE 2019 has been drawing huge crowds all week, taking visitors on a journey across the world. Created in collaboration with AVStumpfl, and Painting with lights, some of our most iconic projection mappings are displayed inside the giant 11m dome. Come and see it in Hall 1, booth 1- H20. For more information on Panasonic's presence at ISE, please visit: https://business.panasonic.eu/ISE2019/
  • Panasonic Live @ ISE 2019 - Intel introduces its new SDM module

    Panasonic has bolstered i…

    Panasonic has bolstered its 4K display line up, with the expansion of the premium SQ1 series and the brand new entry range CQ1 series set to complete the company’s line up of 4K digital signage solutions, which now meets the needs of the entire market. We are among the first to introduce the new Intel® SDM (Smart Display Module) slot to the SQ1 range. SDM boards can house either an Intel® CPU or interfaces such as SDI, NDI or VoIP. This means it’s possible to tailor the display and its connectivity to the application. Intel drops by our booth at ISE 2019 to tell us more.
  • Panasonic Live @ ISE 2019 - The scale up classroom

    Dean Offord from Panasoni…

    Dean Offord from Panasonic takes a look behind the scenes of the scale up classroom at ISE 2019. It combines projection, multi touch display and remote camera technology to put the student back at the centre of learning.
  • Top 5 highlights for Panasonic at ISE 2019 (Italian)

    Join us on a tour of the …

    Join us on a tour of the Panasonic booth at ISE2019. From the latest in 50,000 lumens laser projectors to technology for retail, corporates and live events we are really putting on a show.

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ISE 2020 - Panasonic Showcases Its IP/IT-Centric Platform For The Future Link Of Projection, Display And Camera Solution

ISE 2020 - Panasonic Showcases Its IP/IT-Centric Platform For The Future Link Of Projection, Display And Camera Solution. ISE 2020 - Panasonic Showcases...

Panasonic Availability Of Most Powerful Yet Quietest LCD Laser Projector Range For Learning And Business

Panasonic Availability Of Most Powerful Yet Quietest Lcd Laser Projector Range For Learning And Business. Panasonic Availability Of Most Powerful Yet...

Panasonic releases wireless presentation system at InfoComm 2019

Panasonic has announced its latest addition to the premium SQ1 display range at InfoComm 2019, with an optional wireless plug and play presentation system which enhances the potential for collaboration in corporate spaces.

Panasonic reduces AV managers workload with new 3LCD laser projectors

Panasonic has launched a new series of LCD laser projectors, with the PT-MZ16K range specifically designed to reduce the AV managers workload in businesses and universities with simplified set-up, maintenance free operation, and countermeasures which mitigate the impact of technical faults.

Panasonic enhances colour technology with new RGB LED portable projectors

Panasonic has announced the addition to its portable projector range at InfoComm 2019, with the 1-Chip DLP® PT-LRZ35 series being the first to use RGB LED light sources for application in collaborative environments.

Panasonic launches long lasting range of lamp projectors

Panasonic Business has launched a new range of short throw and portable projectors providing up to 20,000 hours lamp life, making them ideal for use in education and corporate spaces over longer periods of time.

Panasonic releases complete 4K display line-up

Panasonic releases complete 4K display line-up. Panasonic has released a new range of 4K professional displays, with a six model series providing high...

Get connected: Merseyrail's new trains will feature free wifi - even in tunnels and underground stations

Panasonic Business is set to deliver wireless connectivity across the Merseyrail Network.

Panasonic projectors recognised at AV Awards 2018

Panasonic Business has been shortlisted for four categories at AV Awards 2018, including projector of the year (8K+ and <8k lumens), entertainment project of the year and leisure and hospitality project of the year.

Panasonic Business launches a new retail unit with state-of-the-art technology solutions designed for leading retailers

BRACKNELL, UK - During its 100th anniversary year, Panasonic Business in Europe has today announced the launch of a new knowledge and service hub: Retail Strategic Business Unit. This is a division within the Connected Solutions Company (CNS), that was established in April 2017.

Triple award success for Panasonic at ISE 2018

Panasonic Business has scooped three awards for its innovative technology at this year’s ISE in Amsterdam.

Cutting Edge lecture capture

Edge Hill University in Ormskirk has invested in new lecture technology from Panasonic and Panopto, creating a flexible space, suitable for both lecture capture and large events such as graduations.

rAVe-ing about Panasonic’s MZ series

Panasonic Business newly launched 7,500 lumens laser projector range has been awarded ‘Best New Meeting Room Projector’, by rAVe Publications at ISE2018.

Panasonic events takes centre stage at Prolight+Sound

Panasonic is set to showcase its live events solutions portfolio at Prolight+Sound 2018, with an engaging holographic dance show on their booth.

Panasonic at the Fuorisalone 2018: “TRANSITIONS” by Panasonic Design

Panasonic has celebrated its 100th anniversary with a visually powerful and dramatic installation at Fuorisalone 2018, which takes place from the 17th - 22nd April 2018, at the Palazzo di Brera.

Panasonic launches new series of portable projectors

Panasonic is set to launch a new high brightness, lightweight, portable projector series this month, designed for use in offices and classrooms.

Panasonic announces boost in brightness for corporate and education

Panasonic Business, has announced two high-brightness projectors aimed at the education and corporate market that combine the portability and picture quality of LCD imaging, with the low operating cost and high reliability of SOLID SHINE Laser.

Panasonic extends its 4K professional display line-up at InfoComm 2018

Panasonic Business is set to introduce a new, large format 4K professional display series at InfoComm 2018.

Panasonic paints Michelangelo with light

Panasonic’s audiovisual technology has recreated the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel for a new immersive, multi-sensory stage-show at the Auditorium Conciliazione of Rome.

Panasonic boosts laser lineup with new 8,500 lumen projector

Panasonic has complemented its existing 1-Chip DLPTM range of SOLID SHINE laser projectors with the launch of the PT-RZ870, providing 8,500 lumens brightness at up to WUXGA resolution.

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