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Multi touch display technologies

Infrared or Shadow sense, which technology is most suited to your business requirements?

To ensure we are covering all businesses’ needs, Panasonic is delivering different technologies embedded in our professional multi-touch screen displays.

We are offering  interactive screens with whiteboard functionality that can be used for collaboration and Bring your own device (BYOD) environments including classrooms, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, offices, lecture theatres presentation rooms.

In addition our intuitive and robust touch screens are designed to interact with your audience or visitors and withstand challenging environments such as retail, transportation, live entertainment.

To create the highest impact and interactivity, the ShadowSense technology can also be embedded in flexible video walls installations ideal for retail, museums or even corporate environments.

Read more below to discover which technology and solutions suit your requirements better.

Infrared Technology

Shadow sense technology

Comparison chart

Recommended solutions by markets

Panasonic Multi touch range

Software solutions

Infrared Technology

Commonly used because of its comparatively low cost, infrared is widely available especially in large format.

How does it work? The bezels around the edge of the screen house infrared receivers and transmitters. When a finger is placed in the (invisible) beam of IR light, the finger’s position is calculated.

Suitable for large touchscreens
Also works with gloves, pens and other objects 
Fast response times up to 4 milliseconds
In theory, up to 50 simultaneous touch points
Low cost
Perfect image clarity
Susceptible to interference from sunlight and halogen light sources in particular
No object recognition, any object that breaks the beams counts as a finger
Touch response before actually touching the surface
Susceptible to dust and dirt buildup on the sensors

ShadowSense™ Multi-Touch Technology 

How does it work? Shadow sense technology is a combination of infrared invisible light emitters and optical sensors around the display. The “shadow” of an object in the infrared rays is picked up by multiple optical sensors and computed to a position.

Virtually immune to ambient light interference so it works even in very bright environments 
Object recognition and palm rejection
Perfect image clarity
Impervious to water drops
Eliminates accidental touches based on size and speed of touch
High touch accuracy and fast response times of 6-8 milliseconds
Comprehensive diagnostics and customisation using the Dashboard software
Recognises passive pen and eraser inputs and differentiates them from finger inputs
Allow the user to register either hovering just above the surface, or requiring an actual touch

High reliability and robustness

Advanced Input Recognition

Instantly differentiates between a finger, pen and eraser so that inking applications can be used without cumbersome control changes.

Recognises the shape, size and pressure of any object whether it’s a bare finger, a gloved finger or a pen.

Sensing the size of an object permits control over what is recognised as a valid touch versus an unintentional touch.

High Reliability

Unlike optical and IR systems, it provides an unparalleled degree of immunity to high brightness and changing light intensities, even working in direct sunlight and studio environments.

Will not fail if portions of the screen are blocked, or if individual components fail. This high level of reliability reduces touch screen failures that bring about unresponsive touch screens, to virtually zero.

4mm thick tempered glass covers the screen. Rugged screen that is scratch resistant.


High configurability through ShadowSense Dashboard monitoring tool

Touch Characterization
Create the ideal multi-touch experience with control over touch point separation, speed and size to prevent accidental touches.

Palm rejection

Pen and eraser detection

Transparency and water

Hover distance


Multi-touch video wall modular system

The multi-touch video wall solution is fully customised on your needs and is composed of multiple 55" screens built-up in different configurations. Installation of the touch overlay is included in a service package and is made on site.

The touch overlay is using the Shadow Sense technology with below benefits:


12 multi-touch points available with the 2x2 configuration and up to 20 touches in the biggest video wall configuration

Extremely accurate touch

No ghosting or dead zones 
Outstanding ambient light rejection 
Excellent size detection 

Full featured

Real-time response of the touch area
Static object detection and rejection 
Continues to function with debris on the screen 
Configurable hover distance for touch detection 
Configurable spurious touch and palm rejection 

No drivers or touch detection processes on host CPU

USB HID interface to host 
Plug and Play
Windows® 7, 8 and 10 compliant packet formats 

Modular design

Easy Assembly and Service 
Highly Scalable

Technologies Comparison Chart


Entry Collaboration

Premium Collaboration




Interactive Signage


EF1 / LFE8 -IR


BF1 ( with whiteboard)



Immune to bright light environment

Screen Brightness
Whiteboard functions -
Remote management
Operating time 16/7 18/7 18/7 24/7 24/7
Sizes available

From 43“ to 84“

Large formats 65", 75" Large formats 65", 80" Small sizes 42", 49", 55"

Multiple screens of 55”

Recommended Solutions by Markets



Infrared & Whiteboard




Interactive video wall


Not Recommended

Not Recommended

Robust during use and transportation and high brightness

Robust during use and transportation, outstanding ambient light rejection


Good value for money

Premium stand-alone whiteboard solution

Not Recommended

Not recommended

Corporate meeting

Good value for money,
especially larger sizes

Good solution if the whiteboard function is needed

Recommended for high level meeting room features  

Recommended for high level meeting room features 

SMB meeting

Ideal for projector replacement solution

Good solution if the whiteboard function is needed

Recommended for high level meeting room features  

Recommended for high level meeting room features  


Not Recommended

Not Recommended

Robust during operation, high brightness and remote maintenance

Robust during operation, high brightness, remote maintenance, precision anti-glare property, exceptional accuracy


Not suitable

Not suitable

Best solution for robustness, remote maintenance, high brightness and 24/7 use

Best solution for robustness, remote maintenance, high brightness and 24/7 use. High anti-glare, outstanding ambient light rejection.


Good value for money, especially larger sizes


Recommended for high-end installations

Best solution to create large size multi touch video walls. Real-time response of the touch area allows to create the most engaging environments.

Panasonic Multi touch Range

Entry Collaboration

Premium Collaboration


Interactive Signage


Infrared Touch

Flexible interactive display solution when lower cost is required


Infrared Touch

Digital Whiteboard capabilities via a PC/Mac and 4K support in a large format


Infrared Touch

Stand-alone Whiteboard solution, equipped with full professional features including wireless support


ShadowSense Touch

Durable and highly accurate touch technology, ideal for interactive, educative and way finding signage installations


ShadowSense Touch

Durable and highly accurate touch technology Video Wall solutions with various configuration possibilities.  Ideal for corporate, retail and museums environments

















Most common configurations are 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, 4x2, 4x3  screens.

Click here to see the possibilities.


Multi-touch video wall most common configuration possibilities 

Contact us here so we can create your customised multi-touch video wall.

Software solutions

Free Multi Monitoring & Control Software

Simultaneously Monitor & Control displays/projectors from  a single PC. This FREE software enables you to control/monitor up to 2,048 devices over a LAN network.

Monitor function

  • The status of multiple devices can be listed in groups, and then detailed information on each device can be separately displayed
  • Even more detailed information can be obtained

Control function

  • Control commands such as power ON/OFF, input switching, command inputs can be executed
  • Schedule function can be used

The software can be downloaded from here

Panasonic Whiteboard Software

Display and annotate presentation materials from a PC or Mac

  • Easily navigate between several drawing projects and presentations
  • Presentation functions (Zoom, Scroll, Pen/ Marker)
  • Stylus Pen or Finger-touch Input
  • Screen capture/ Recording function
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 10 Points
  • Reading and writing of Image and PowerPoint® files

The software can be downloaded from here