• JS-960


The innovator in point of sale technology breaks new ground to save time, money and resources in tough economic times.

Having revolutionised the point of sale (POS) market with JS-950 Stingray, the industry’s first modular workstation, Panasonic is yet again leading the way with the JS-960.

Designed to help save time, money and resources, the JS-960’s modular, environmental design makes troubleshooting and servicing easy, with exceptional repairability and low failure rate reducing total cost of ownership. Open platform means it can run virtually any software, while a VESA mount allows it to be placed practically anywhere, breaking new ground in versatility, and making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Modular structure
The JS-960’s field-replaceable HDD ensures quick and easy replacement; upgradable memory is accessible through user-friendly slots, and the removable main display slides off with ease.

Compact, durable design
With a durable, environmental design, the JS-960 is compact and counter-friendly – 25% smaller than previous models. The terminal features a splash-resistant enclosure, while 3-way installation allows for upright, wall-mounted, or low profile installation to complement a variety of environments and store designs.

The JS-960’s main display can be easily adjusted to accommodate a wide range of comfortable viewing angles, and is adaptable to both high and low counter heights.

Think Eco
An LED backlit display increases energy efficiency by up to 20% compared with previous models.

Optional add-ons
The JS-960 also comes with a number of optional add-ons to increase functionality and performance. Including a 12.1 inch second display, customer display, and ID devices such as fingerprint sensor and Magnetic card reader. An Intel® Core™ i5 CPU is also available for advanced security, increased management efficiency, and greater responsiveness.