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Allows users to strap devices to their legs using the G1 Always-On, G1 X-Strap and B2/M1 Always-On  

Works on both the right and left leg 

The leg strap also works with both G1 & B2/M1 Panasonic rotating hand straps. 

Leg straps may also work with other TOUGHBOOK products equipped with hand or X-Straps, contact Panasonic to confirm specific models and accessories. 

Lightweight, durable, easy to use. 

Knee Board Leg Straps for the TOUGHBOOK G1, B2/M1 and other Panasonic TOUGHBOOK products equipped with hand or X-Straps. 

Kompletnĺ Specifikace

Weight 77g / 0.170lb
Warranty 12 months
Dimensions 711 x 50 x 13mm / 28 x 1.97 x 0.5"
Compatibility TOUGHBOOK 20 tablet, G1, A2, L1, M1, B2, N1, T1 in Always On case or with X-strap