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CF-31 Sling

CF-31 Sling

Compatible with CF-31

Part Number : PCPE-INF31SC

Lead time : Approx 4 weeks, please contact Panasonic for further information

The Toughmate Sling 31 is custom designed to fit your Toughbook 31. Because you always travel with your 31, you'll love the benefits of accessory storage and hands free transportation! Because you never need to remove your machine from the case!

Ergonomic Transportation
Give your hands a rest! Shoulder strap offers a convenient, easy way to transport your Toughbook hands free!

Accessory Storage
Internal pockets provide room for your power brick, file folders, and other essential accessories.

Full Time Lightweight Protection
Enjoy 24-7 scratch and dent protection as well as full machine functionality because you never have to remove your Toughbook from the case!

Integrates with the built in handle on your Toughbook 31.

Works with both the Toughbook 31 or 30.

Toughbook Certified

This product has passed the appropriate tests to qualify for the Toughbook Certified status.

RoHS Compliant