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Full HD Camera


This camera  is a full HD camera integrated with a pan-tilt head and featuring a 1/2.8-type full HD CMOS sensor and digital signal processor (DSP). 
High quality pictures are obtained by video processing in many different kinds of ways. 
In addition to it's 3x zoom lens, the camera comes with a 4x digital zoom to achieve high-quality images that overflow with ambience.

The camera can change at 90 degrees per second. 
Wide rotational angles with a panning range of approx. 100 degrees and a tilting range of approx. 20 degrees. 
The camera operates at a noice level of NC35 (in normal speed) or NC40 (in preset mode)

All operations can be performed by the remote controller of the HD Video Conference unit. 
The functions and settings can also be switched easily while viewing the menu screens.