The KX-UT248 is a high-end executive SIP terminal, which combines best in class wideband voice quality with a superb feature set, giving powerful desktop performance along with an advanced ECO friendly energy footprint.

The KX-UT248 features a large, 4.4” greyscale display, providing plenty of on-screen information such as contact lists and number displays, which makes managing up to 6 SIP accounts easy – ideal for busy executive users.

Voice quality is of prime importance, and the UT248 has been designed to take advantage of the G722 wideband codec, giving crystal clear conversations every time. In addition, both the handset and the built-in full duplex speakerphone have been carefully crafted using advanced audio design techniques to ensure that the audio quality is unsurpassed, whether you are using a handset, speakerphone or a Bluetooth wireless headset.

Headset users can also take advantage of the included support for Electronic Hook Switch systems from Plantronics, making it even easier to use in busy environments.

Many design features are included to make life easier for installers too – Power over Ethernet support makes cabling simpler, while extensive remote configuration and provisioning choices mean that multiple phones can be configured over the network, reducing both the install time and the need for site visits. For the customer, this means a real ‘Plug and Play’ experience.

UT248 is compatible with a wide variety of popular SIP server systems, and is certified with Digium’s Asterisk and Broadsoft’s Broadworks.


LCD Size (Pixels, Lines) 4.4 inch, 242 x 218 pixels
LCD Contrast Setting 6 levels
LCD Brightness No
LCD Backlight ON/OFF/AUTO Brightness: 6 levels
LCD Customizable Wallpaper No
LED Message/Ringer, SP-PHONE, FF Keys
Soft Keys 4
Programmable Keys (FF Keys) 8 x 3 = 24*1 (Including DN Key)
Page Key 2
0-9, *, # Keys Yes
SP-Phone/Headset Key Yes
Hold Key Yes
Transfer Key Yes
Mute Key Yes
Auto Answer Key Yes
Redial Key Yes
Flash/Recall Key Yes
Forward/DND Key Yes
Conference Key Yes
Navigation Key Yes
Cancel Key Yes
Message Key Yes
Volume Key Yes (Navigation Key)
Sheet Key (Menu, Home, Back, Phone, Mute, Speakerphone, Volume, Navigation, Enter) No
Menu Driven User Interface Indicator Yes
Line Status Indicator Yes
Message Waiting Indicator Yes (LCD "Message" + Message/Ringer Lamp (RED) ON)
Ethernet Ports (Port-Link Speed) 2 - 10/100/1000
PoE Yes (Class 3)
Phonebook Internal 500
Phonebook External Export/Import (to tsv) Yes
Phonebook External Export/Import (to vCard) No
Phonebook Sorting by Names (Alphabet) Yes
Embedded WEB Server Yes
Outgoing Call 30
Incoming Call (Including Missed Call) 30
Speakerphone (HD) Yes (Full Duplex)
Volume Control Yes
Mute Yes
Headset Port Yes (2.5 mm audio jack)
Headset Activation/Volume Control Yes
Electric Hook Switch Yes
Login and Password for Admin Access Yes
Ringtone Selection 32
Ringtone (Setting Favourite Music) No
Volume Level (Handset/Headset/SP Phone) 8 levels
Distinctive Ringing (Based on Phonebook Numbers Definition) Yes
Distinctive Ringing (Based on SIP Signalling-Bell Core) No
Multiple Registration Support 1
Redial Yes
Do Not Disturb Yes
Anonymous Call (CLIR) No
Anonymous Call Rejection No
Calling Party Number and Name Presentation (CLIP, CNIP) Yes
Call Rejection (Registered Number to Call Block) No
Call Rejection (Manual Operation while Incoming Call) No
DTMF Dialling During Call Yes
3-Way Conference Yes
Attended Transfer Yes
Blind Transfer No
Call Hold Yes
CF (Call Forward) Unconditional Yes
CF User Busy Yes
CF No Answer Yes
Call Waiting Yes
Access to Voicemail Yes
Flash Hook Yes
Auto Answer Yes
One Touch Dial Yes
Screen Lock No
Click To Dial/Hold/Answer Yes
Busy Lamp Field (Presence) Yes
Direct Call Pickup Yes
Shared Call No
Network-Based Conference Yes
CF/DND Synchronization Yes
ACD Synchronization (Log In/Log Out) No
Connected Line Identification Presentation (COLP) Yes
Direct Inward Dialling (DID)/Direct Dialling In (DDI) Yes
Wrap Up Yes
Call Park Yes
IPv4 Yes
IPv6 No
DHCP/Static IP address Yes
DNS (Primary/Secondary) Yes
SNTP-Simple Network Time Protocol Yes
Language English
Other Languages (Depending on Carrier's Requirement) Yes
Clock Yes
Call Timer (Real-Time Display of Call Length) Yes
Daylight Saving Time Yes
Static VLAN Yes
ToS Yes
EC Echo Cancellation Yes
Adaptive Jitter Buffer Yes
Configurable Packetization Period Yes
Audio Codec Yes (G.711(A-law/u-law)/G.729A/G.726/G.722)
Configurable Codec Preference Table Yes
Adjustable Codec Frame Size Yes
Customizable Dial Tone Yes
Customizable Ringing Tone Yes
Customizable Busy Tone Yes
Customizable Reorder Tone Yes
Customizable Stutter Tone Yes
Key & LCD Configuration-Configuration of IP Phone via Keypad Yes
Web Browser Configuration Yes
XML Configuration Yes
Display of Status/Statistics, Firmware Version Yes
ReSet into Default Setting Yes
Remote FW Upgrade (HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP, FTP) Yes
Remote Config File Download (HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP, FTP) Yes
Auto Provisioning with Panasonic's Redirect Server Yes
Broadsoft Device Management System No
TR-069 for Remote Management Yes
XML Application Yes
Default Language Setup (Change by Config, Menu) Yes
Pre-Provisioning by DHCP Option66 Yes
Dial Plan Yes
Syslog Yes
Redirect Server Yes
Encrypted Configuration Files Yes
Digest MD5 Authentication to All Usage of Pop=Auth Yes
HTTPS Server Authentication Yes
HTTPS Client Authentication Yes
SD Card Slot No
USB Keyboard No
Bluetooth Headset (USB Dongle) No
Bluetooth Headset (Built-in) Yes
Network Camera Registration No
Network Camera Viewer No
Web Browser No
E-mail No
Calendar No
Gallery No
Music Player No
Alarm Clock No
Calculator No
Key Tone On/Off (Menu on the Terminal) Web/Menu
Footnote *1 Requires setting at least 2 flexible keys as a DN button for calling or receiving the phone.