• expressP2 Cards B Series


expressP2 Cards B Series
AU-XP0256BG & AU-XP0512BG

The expressP2 Cards are designed to accommodate high frame rate 1080 HD AVC-ULTRA recording (above 60fps) as well as 4K capture from the 4K VariCam LT, the 4K VariCam 35 and the 2/3 type VariCam HS (High Speed) camera/recorders.

The expressP2 Cards facilitate the recording of 4K video at frame rates up to 120p as well as the 2/3 type VariCam HS’s 1080 HD recording at frame rates to 240fps. In addition, the expressP2 Cards ensures high-speed transfer, high reliability and the writing assurance of all P2 frame rates, formats and codecs. An expressP2 Card is the same length and width as a standard P2 Card, but has 1,5x the thickness.

The expressP2 Card offers extremely fast transfer speeds of up to 10.0Gbps (limited to 2.4Gbps when using the XPD1) and contains a flash memory error correction system, equivalent to a RAID system, to recover from a failure in a sector, page, or entire block.

The expressP2 Card shares the robust legacy of Panasonic’s P2 media, which all use high-quality solid-state memory and extremely durable construction. Additionally, P2 Cards facilitate dependable performance during recording in all types of environments, as well as instant access and complete data compatibility in all P2 camera/recorders and workflow.