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Introducing the Panasonic range of Network Static Security Cameras featuring the latest IP camera technology

Panasonic has developed a vast selection of IP security systems and products, which combine cutting-edge technology with versatile recording and monitoring functionality, all designed to be compatible with ONVIF (the Open Network Video Interface Forum global standards).


Our portfolio of network static security cameras comprises a number of innovative features. From pan-tilt wireless network cameras featuring body heat sensors, to Auto Back Focus for achieving stable focus and Super Dynamic technology for attaining a wider dynamic range, our network static cameras are designed to provide a solution for every security or surveillance need.

Simultaneous real-time, high-resolution recording, compact or vandal resistant housing, face detection and smart phone monitoring are just some of the features that can be found within our range. Other features include progressive scanning for delivering clear images with reduced motion blur and Digital Noise Reduction (3D-DNR) for providing clarity even in the noisiest of environments.

Some of our cameras also feature the newly developed 0.3 Megapixel high sensitivity MOS Sensor, and are weather-resistant and able to withstand heat and UV damage, as well as including other features such as Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) for delivering a larger dynamic range than conventional cameras. Other notable features available include day/night image quality for superb images even in difficult lighting, as well as High Definition (HD) or Full HD images, and multiple H.264 (High profile) and JPEG streams.

Our network static dome security cameras are also brimming with features suited to both indoor and outdoor environments, plus 1080p full HD image quality, video motion detection and superior colour reproduction. There is also the option to select different lighting modes including outdoor, indoor or fixed electronic shutter speeds.

The newest addition to this range is our groundbreaking true 4K security camera, the WV-SFV781L. This innovation in 4K technology is inundated with a variety of features, including Smart DoF (Depth of Field), a 4K ultra engine, and much more!

Wide dynamic range technology ensures that clear pictures can be achieved even under difficult backlight situations

Our network PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) dome security cameras are equipped with all the latest features to provide reliable 24/7 monitoring. From auto tracking, designed to track moving targets, 360 degree coverage in 1080p HD quality, auto flip function (enabling objects to be followed continuously), to 30x optical zoom with further 12x digital zoom, and face matching functionality -  these are just some of the great features inherent within our range of network PTZ dome cameras. To overcome the issues of capturing images in difficult backlight situations, the wide dynamic range technology also ensures that definition is picked up, resulting in clear, crisp pictures. The WV-SW598 also features a special rainwash coat dome to ensure that water droplets and other external contaminants do not interfere with the exceptional image quality.

Our range of security recorders, encoders and decoders provides the ultimate in functionality and performance

Regardless of your security or surveillance setup, our network video security recorders can easily be installed to provide a reliable, high performance solution for every demand. Designed with the future in mind, our products offer high image quality and frame rates as well as full support for image storage, replay and live monitoring. Some of the products also provide the added convenience of the Quick IP Setup feature which omits the need to assign separate IP addresses for individual cameras, while the WJ-ND400 model for example, offers the ability for up to 16 clients to monitor images and control the network disk recorder simultaneously.

In addition, our revolutionary range of IP video security encoders and decoders can meet even the toughest security and surveillance challenges. Equipped with multi-channel recording, industry-leading IP network camera control, and multiple CCTV camera connection, our encoders provide excellent image clarity, even with moving objects, while our Multi Channel High Definition Video Decoder is designed to decode network video and audio streams into HDMI standard signals with support for up to 256 cameras.


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