• Fire Alarm Solutions

Fire Alarm Solutions

Panasonic fire alarm systems are incorporating over 30 years of experience in fire alarm technology and have been proven in more than 15,000 installations around the world. Panasonic fire alarm systems are designed to accommodate both large and stand alone system requirements using different control and indicating units called control panels. Growing up from a stand alone installation with the EBL512 up to 30,600 devices can be connected through 30 control panels with 4 detector loops each, whereas the EBL128 is a smaller stand alone loop system which can connect up to 255 devices.

Panasonic System Communications Company Europe has recently incorporated this fire alarm solution under its Security portfolio; providing a comprehensive security solution from small to large security systems.
Using the WEB-server module, we can connect the fire alarm system via TCP/IP with our monitoring software, the WV-ASM200, and also with our IP virtual matrix, the WV-ASC970. This interoperability between both systems makes life easier for the operator by linking the fire and fault alarms from the control panel with the live and playback video from the cameras and recorders. This allows the operator to realise the situation in real time from the control room enabling them to take action quickly and safely.

To improve the real time monitoring from several sites, it’s also possible to receive an email notification from fire alarms or other alerts, keeping all security personnel updated with the latest information from the system.

In addition, both CCVE monitoring systems (WV-ASM200 and WV-ASM970) provide a map window where all the fire detector icons can be added. This allows security personnel to easily check the status of all the detectors, which blink when there is an alarm.

The fire alarm system guarantees a high reliability and the reduction of false alarms due to the implementation of Panasonic technologies both in the control panels and in the detectors. Fire control panels EBL128 and EBL512 are designed to tackle the demands of end-users and overcome potential system faults through the combination of both intelligent control units and intelligent detectors for self-diagnostics, contamination compensation and inter-activity within the systems. Additionally the state of the art analogue detectors used within the system gives the control panel accurate and noise free information about the occurrence of smoke and/or temperature changes in the installation.

Combining the advantages of the both technologies developed for the fire alarm systems and for the CCVE systems, Panasonic provides a highly reliable security solution suitable for any installation.