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40x Intelligent Zoom Stabilization iA PTZ Camera
Weatherproof PTZ dome CCTV Camera with heavy salt damage resistance
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Full-HD 1920x1080 60fps

Intelligent Zoom Stabilization with 40x optical zoom

ClearSight Coating

Durable Pan/Tilt gear mechanism

iA (intelligent Auto)

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iPro Extreme, CCTV Security CameraPanasonic is introducing a new network camera range with special coating to protect against salt corrosion; combining Full HD resolution with the latest Smart Coding technology, capable of significantly reducing storage and network bandwidth. 

This weatherproof and salt-damage resistant PTZ dome camera is part of the i-PRO Extreme CCTV camera platform belonging to our new H.265 eco system. Its unique anti-salt air corrosion protection makes the camera ideal for seaside operations in ports, on ships or bridges and many more applications, extending tradiional city surveillance towards coastal operations.

Panasonic CCTV PTZ Dome Camera

The ultra-durable Panasonic WV-X6531NS captures the highest quality images automatically even in very challenging, fast-changing and rough salt-exposed surveillance environments. It features outstanding Intelligent Zoom Stabilization to increase visibility under blurred conditions, as well as Intelligent Auto (iA) monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically in real-time, reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects.

Adopting H.265 Smart Coding technology, the dome camera intelligently reduces bandwidth efficiency of up to 95%*1 over H.264 for longer recording and less storage.

Built-in Vehicle Incident Detection enables the WV-X6531NS to identify wrong-way driving or stopping vehicles through video analytic technology and send an alarm to the Video Management and/or Traffic Management System for immediate action. This function is embedded into the camera, therfore no additional server is required.

Rain Wash Coating


Moreover, the application of ClearSight Coating provides clearer visibility, allowing good security to be maintained even when the CCTV camera is installed in  environments subject to rain or water splashing. This application makes sure good visibility is kept even when water droplets splash on the dome cover; in addition the coating resists the attachment of dirt, therefore allowing the dirt to easily wash when exposed to water enabling a clearer view. Our unique ClearSight Coating is even touchable, making installation and maintenance easy to handle.

Extreme image quality for evidence capturing under challenging conditions

  • Long-distance vision with high power 40x zoom lens and Intelligent Zoom Stabilization for pole mounts on roadways
  • Sharp and clear image of fast moving vehicles with Intelligent Auto and ClearSight Coating
  • Outstanding low light performance in true color with low noise for night time applications
  • Super Dynamic 144dB for backlit situation by headlights and shadows on the streets at night
  • Environmental durability: IP66, IK10, Long life Pan/Tilt gear mechanism, Wide operating temperature up to 60 °C (140 °F) and electric dehumidifier


Extreme H.265 compression with new Smart Coding

  • Longer recording, less storage compared to any H.264 based compression techniques
  • New self-learning ROI*2 encoding (Auto VIQS ) dynamically detect motion areas to keep vehicles and human in good picture quality while lowering your bandwidth

    CCTV Wrong Way Detection


Built-in Vehicle Incident Detection*3

  • Incident detection: Wrong-way, stopped vehicle with video analytic technology
  • Send alarm to Video Management System and/or Traffic Management System for immediate action
  • The function is built-in the camera. No additional server is required

The CCTV camera comes packed with a variety of high quality features typically found in high specification models, such as: 

  • Salt-air corrosion resistance
  • Full-HD 1920x1080 60fps
  • Intelligent Zoom Stabilization with 40x optical zoom
  • ClearSight Coating is a special coating applied to the surface of the transparent cover that makes it difficult for water droplets to adhere to the dome cover.
  • Durable Pan/Tilt gear mechanism
  • Intelligent Auto (iA) feature provides increased discernibility even in environments with poor visibility.
  • Extreme Super Dynamic technologies deliver 144 dB wide dynamic range.
  • Color night vision (0.001 to 0.015 lx)
  • IP66, IK10 certified
  • Wider operating temperature range -50 °C to +60 °C


*1 Value in advanced mode depending on the scene

*2 Region of Interest

*3 Optional software



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FULL HD1080 60P Logo S Color/BW (ICR). VIQS K HLC Logo- Fog Sand Logo Dehumidification Ip66standard iA (Intelligent Auto Mode) ClearSight Coating I VMD Type4 Heavy Salt Damage 230614 Onvif SG Profile Logo Prd01
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  • WV-X6531N, X6511N etc. Operating Instructions (Korean)
    WV-X6531N, X6511N etc. Operating Instructions (Korean)
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  • WV-X6531N, X6511N, X6531NS Firmware
    WV-X6531N, X6511N, X6531NS Firmware
    NTSC/PAL   How to upgrade firmware in 2 steps.   (Click here for detail)In case of firmware updating from 1.xx/2.00 to 4.10(or later), you have to upgrade version 4.00 or 4.01 once, then upgrade 4.10 (or later).Please note that downloading service for the file of firmware version 4.00 is unavailable.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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  • How to firmware two-stage version up
    How to firmware two-stage version up
    How to upgrade firmware version 2.00 (or newer) in 2 steps and/or version 4.10 (or newer).
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  • Accessory Selector for Security cameras & surveillance systems
    Accessory Selector for Security cameras & surveillance systems
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Please see below the services available for this product. You can also use this section to access the general Service & Downloads area of the website or contact our Technical Support team.


Please see below the services available for this product. You can also use this section to access the general Service & Downloads area of the website or contact our Technical Support team.


There are currently no key services available.

Please see below the services available for this product. You can also use this section to access the general Service & Downloads area of the website or contact our Technical Support team.


There are currently no other services available.

Image Sensor Approx. 1/2.8 type MOS image sensor
Minimum Illumination Color : 0.015 lx, BW : 0.006 lx (F1.6, Maximum shutter : Off (1/30s), AGC : 11) Color : 0.001 lx, BW : 0.0004 lx (F1.6, Maximum shutter : Max. 16/30s, AGC : 11) *Converted value
Intelligent Auto On / Off
Shutter Speed 1/30 Fix to 1/10000 Fix *1/30 Fix to 2/120 Fix is available during 30 fps mode only. *1/60 Fix is available during 60 fps mode only.
Super Dynamic On / Off, the level can be set in the range of 0 to 31.
Dynamic Range 144 dB (Super Dynamic : On)
Image Settings Gain (AGC), White balance
Image Compensation Adaptive black stretch, Back light compensation (BLC), Fog compensation, High light compensation (HLC), Digital noise reduction
Color/BW (ICR) Off / On / Auto1 (Normal) / Auto2 (IR Light) / Auto3 (SCC)
Video Motion Detection (VMD) On / Off, 4 areas available
Intelligent VMD (i-VMD) Type4 *optional plug-in software WV-SAE200
Vehicle Incident Detection Detect “Stopped Vehicle” and “Wrong-way” *optional plug-in software WV-XAE100W
Stabilizer On / Off (available only in the 30 fps mode)
Privacy Zone Filling/ Pixelate/ Off (up to 32 zones available)
Camera Title (OSD) On / Off Up to 20 characters (alphanumeric characters, marks)
Zoom Ratio 40x Optical
Digital (Electronic) Zoom 16x
Focal Length 4.25 mm – 170 mm {5/32 inches – 6-11/16 inches}
Maximum Aperture Ratio 1 : 1.6 (WIDE) – 1 : 4.95 (TELE)
Focus Range 3.0 m {9ft 10-1/8 inches} - ∞
Angular Field of View [16 : 9 mode] Horizontal : 2.1° (TELE) to 65° (WIDE) Vertical : 1.2° (TELE) to 39° (WIDE) [4 : 3 mode] Horizontal : 1.6° (TELE) to 51° (WIDE) Vertical : 1.2° (TELE) to 39° (WIDE)
Panning Range 360° Endless panning
Panning Speed Manual : Approx. 0.065°/s to 120°/s Preset : Up to approx. 300°/s
Tilting Range Operational range : –15° to 195° (level – downward – level) Recommended range : 0° to 180° Selectable tilting angle : 10 °/ 5 °/ 3 °/ 0 °/ –3 °/ –5 °/ –10 °/ –15 °
Tilting Speed Manual: Approx. 0.065°/s to 120°/s Preset: Up to approx. 300°/s
Preset Positions 256 positions
Auto Mode Auto track/ Auto pan/ Preset sequence/ Patrol
Self Return 10 s/ 20 s/ 30 s/ 1 min/ 2 min/ 3 min/ 5 min/ 10 min/ 20 min/ 30 min/ 60 min
Camera Control Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Auto mode, Brightness, Preset, AUX, Rec. on SD, Log, Viewer software
Audio Mic (Line) Input : On / Off Volume adjustment : Low / Middle / High Audio Output : On / Off Volume adjustment : Low / Middle / High
GUI / Setup Menu Language English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
Network IF 10Base-T / 100Base-TX, RJ45 connector
Image Resolution •2 mega pixel [16 : 9] (30/60 fps) 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×360, 320×180 •3 mega pixel [4 : 3] (30 fps) 2048×1536*, 1280×960, 800×600, VGA, 400×300, QVGA *Used by super resolution techniques
H.265 / H.264 [Transmission Mode] Constant bit rate / Variable bit rate / Frame rate / Best effort [Transmission Type] Unicast / Multicast
JPEG [Image Quality] 10 steps
Smart Coding Smart Facial Coding : On (Smart Facial Coding*) / On (Auto VIQS) / Off *Smart Facial Coding is only available with Stream(1). GOP (Group of pictures) : On (Advanced)* / On (Low) / On (Mid) / Off *On(Advanced) is only available with H.265.
Audio Compression G.726 (ADPCM) : 16 kbps / 32 kbps, G.711 : 64 kbps, AAC-LC : 64 kbps / 96 kbps / 128 kbps
Audio Transmission Mode Off / Mic (Line) input / Audio output / Interactive (Half duplex) / Interactive (Full duplex)
No. of Simultaneous Users Up to 14 users (Depends on network conditions)
SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card (Option) H.265 / H.264 recording : Manual REC / Alarm REC (Pre/Post) / Schedule REC / Backup upon network failure JPEG recording : Manual REC / Alarm REC (Pre/Post) / Backup upon network failure Compatible SD (SDHC/SDXC) card : Panasonic 2 GB, 4 GB*, 8 GB*, 16 GB*, 32 GB*, 64 GB**, 128 GB**, 256 GB** model *SDHC card, ** SDXC card (except miniSD card and microSD card)
Mobile Terminal Compatibility iPad, iPhone, Android TM mobile terminals
Alarm Source 3 terminals input, VMD, Command alarm, Audio detection alarm, Auto track alarm
Alarm Actions SDXC/SDHC/SD memory recording, E-mail notification, HTTP alarm notification, Indication on browser, FTP image transfer, Panasonic alarm protocol output
Audio Input ø3.5 mm stereo mini jack (monaural input) Input impedance: Approx. 2 k Ω (unbalanced) (Applicable microphone : Plug-in power type) Supply voltage : 4.0 V ±0.5 V
Audio Output ø3.5 mm stereo mini jack (monaural output) Output impedance : Approx. 600 Ω (unbalanced)
External I/O Terminals ALARM IN 1 (Black & white input, Auto time adjustment input) (x1), ALARM IN 2 (ALARM OUT) (x1), ALARM IN 3 (AUX OUT) (x1)
Safety UL (UL60950-1), c-UL (CSA C22.2 No.60950-1), CE, IEC60950-1
EMC FCC (Part15 ClassA), ICES003 ClassA, EN55032 ClassB, EN55024
Power Source and Power Consumption AC24 V 3.4 A, Approx. 55 W PoE+ (IEEE802.3at compliant): DC 54V 470 mA, Approx. 25 W Tested POE Injector (60 W) : DC 54V 1.0 A, Approx. 50 W
Ambient Operating Temperature –50 °C to +60 °C {–58 °F to +140 °F} (AC 24 V/ Tested PoE injector (60 W)) –30 °C to +60 °C {–22 °F to +140 °F} (PoE+ device) {Power On range: –30 °C to +60 °C (–22 °F to +140 °F)}
Ambient Operating Humidity 10 to 100 % (no condensation)
Water and Dust Resistance IP66 (IEC60529), Type 4X (UL50), NEMA 4X compliant
Shock Resistance IK10 (IEC 62262)
Salt Damage Resistance ISO14993 compliant
Dimensions Maximum ø229 mm × 393 (H) mm {ø9-1/32 inches × 15-15/32 inches (H)}
Mass (Approx.) Approx. 5.2 kg {11.47 lbs}
Finish Main body :Aluminum die cast, Natural silver Sunshields :ABS+PC resin coating, Natural silver Outer fixing screws :Stainless steel (Corrosion-resistant treatment) Dome cover :Polycarbonate resin (with ClearSight coating (rain wash coating)), Clear